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Health Tip “185 that’s how many times more BPA (an endocrine disruptor) gets absorbed when you touch a paper receipt after using hand sanitizer. This level of exposure is linked to obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Sanitizer breaks down skin’s protective layer, opening the door to unwanted substances, too.” (Prevention February 2015 - “Source: PLOS One”).

A healthy alterative to liquid hand sanitizer would be the cloth Silver EnviroWipe Hand Sanitizer.

Fine Silver Products now offers EMI SHIELDED TENTS made from Shieldex medalized fabrics. More about Shieldex can be found at www.shieldextrading.net

Fine Silver Products has for the past several years offered human wellness items; clothing, antimicrobial wipes and other products, i.e. animal wound care products. All still made from silverized fabrics and yarns for effective protection.

For effective alternatives to shielded enclosures consider EMI SHIELDED TENTS -

With advantages like portability, ease of storage, cost competitive and quality alternative to shielded and screened rooms. When you are ready to purchase or rent a shielded tent come to us not the other guys! Imitation may be the highest form of flattery in hair styles and makeup but not in shielded tents, pouches or garments. We have a proven track record of technical support, performance of product and quality with Shieldex fabrics.

For daily protection from germs-

Try reusable, antimicrobial EnviroWipe hand sanitizer.

For Diabetics and those with Sensitive Skin -

Use healing gloves and socks from Silverell and Silverell clothing.

Worried about electromagnetic effects?

Pack your PDA or cell phone in a EMI SHIELDING POUCH, exclude EMI radiation interfernce with a portable EMF SHIELDED TENT or wear Silverell EMI shielding (AntiScent and Anti-EMI Smog) clothing.

Hunters - want peak performance outdoors?

Try Odor Elimination Clothing from Silverell AntiSmog Hunting Sportswear; underwear, socks, hoods and gloves.

Need fast, effective wound care for horses and other animals?

Use Medtex-Vet Wound Care products and Equine Blankets

NEW! Metal plated fabrics and yarns from SHIELDEX-U.S.

Silver is a time-tested solution to many of life's daily concerns! Silver kills a number of bacteria, including those that cause odor, has excellent thermal properties, and is nontoxic.

Over the past six thousand years, many civilizations have recognized the healing properties of silver - starting with the Macedonian culture which used it to cover wounds.

Silver colloids were listed in the PDR (Physician's Desk Reference)until 1955, however the traditional medicinal uses of silver rapidly disappeared as antibiotics were introduced. Today, the use of silver is having a renaissance due to concerns about antibiotic-resistant microbial strains.

For a detailed explanation of how silver works, visit our Information page.

How Silver is added to Fine Silver Products' base materials. The silver layer on the yarn fiber/fabric substrate is 99.9% pure. Silver is a naturally occurring element and there are no added artificial chemicals that may cause fear of toxicity. The silver is irreversibly bonded to the polymer yarn and does not wash out. For example, SILVERELL textiles have been tested after more than 250 washes without reduction in antibacterial effects. Wash Fine Silver Products clothing according to instructions and the silver layer will continue to work for years to come.